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Hair Restoration in Orlando, FL

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Hair Restoration in Orlando, FL

How much does hair restoration cost?

The cost of hair restoration treatment depends on what form of restoration that you choose to go with. There are a variety of topical treatments available on the market, although the agreed upon most effective means to reverse hair loss is a hair transplant. The costs of a hair transplant procedure vary greatly and are affected by a multitude of factors, which may include: where you live; what type of procedure you undergo; the skill of your surgeon; how much hair you have transplanted; and potential travel costs.

However, the average cost of a hair transplant can vary anywhere from $4000 up to $15,000, all of which are out-of-pocket costs as the majority of insurance companies consider a hair transplant to be a cosmetic procedure. In addition to the costs of the procedure itself, you will also need to consider the recovery costs of the procedure, which can include medications for pain and inflammation, along with antibiotics to reduce your risk of infection. There is a chance for complications with hair transplants – as with any surgical procedure – so you need to be prepared in case of additional costs due to such complications.

One of the things to consider when looking at hair restoration options is both the short and long term results of treatment. There are some unanswered questions about the efficacy of topical and oral medications for hair growth – with most experts agreeing that hair transplants are the most effective treatment for hair thinning in the long-term. You should consider all of your options before undergoing treatment to decide on which one best fits you, your budget, and what results you would like to see.

Can hair thinning be reversed?

Hair thinning can absolutely be reversed, especially if caught in the early stages. One of the biggest things that impact your hair growth and can cause thinning hair is stress – which can even cause your hair to fall out. Typically, stress-related hair loss is temporary and your hair will grow back on its own, but it can also contribute to other forms of hair loss.

Some of the options for treating thinning hair are to do your research. There are a variety of medications on the market – such as finasteride and minoxidil – which can help treat baldness and help with reversing hair loss. Another thing to consider is trying out new haircare products to ones that are less harsh on your hair and scalp, which can help with reversing thinning hair.

What is the best hair restoration method?

According to the research, the best method to add or increase hair in an area that is thinning, is with a hair transplant. It is important to note that within the first two to three weeks following your surgery, the transplanted hair will likely fall out, but you should see new hair growth within a few months. The majority of people who undergo hair transplantation will see somewhere around 60% new hair growth in the six to nine months following the procedure. There are some surgeons or practitioners who will recommend or prescribe minoxidil to help improve hair growth following a transplant, but there are questions as to how well the drug works.

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