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Aquagold Treatments in Orlando, FL

Naturally You Med Spa Can Help You Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals with Our Auquagold Treatment. Reduce the Size of Your Pores While You Plump and Hydrate Your Skin! To Inquire About the Benefits Call or Book an Appointment Online!

Aquagold Treatments in Orlando, FL

What is Aquagold?

Aquagold is a painless alternative that infuses customized skin cocktails through 20 microscopic needles made of 24K gold. Each hollow needle is smaller in diameter than a piece of hair, allowing the solution to easily penetrate the skin’s surface. What’s in these cocktails? A mix of hyaluronic acid, Botox, Vitamin Complexes allows us to microdose combinations of these products directly into the skin. It helps to reduce pore size, even skin tone, minimize fine lines and improve scarring.

What can I Expect from an Aquagold Treatment?

This quick and simple treatment can be used with a numbing cream if needed depending on each individuals pain sensitivity. It is described as a mild prickly sensation. The result is a glowing, plumped and vibrant skin tone for several months.

It is known to celebrities as the “RED CARPET GLOW”.